GoodLife Nutrition LLC was inspired by the need for a return to the basic principals of good health: whole food, restorative sleep, physical movement, fulfilling work, and loving relationships. These principals aren’t innovative, but the rise in chronic disease suggests that they may have been forgotten.

While the principals of good health set a strong foundation for a nutrition practice, what makes GoodLife Nutrition LLC unique is the integration of these principals with evidence-based research, biochemical individuality, and behavior-change support.

Each client of GoodLife Nutrition LLC receives
→ An in-depth nutritional assessment
→ A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan
→ Health education
→ Behavior-change support

We believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and the therapeutic value of whole foods to heal and thrive.

Avoid the frustration of navigating your complex symptoms and health history alone. Call (703) 679-7958 or e-mail angelamaricns@gmail.com to schedule a free 15-minute introduction phone call to learn more.