Join us! Dr. Charles Gant is presenting on cancer as a metabolic disorder.

Dr. Charles Gant has been my mentor for over a year now (I hit the jackpot).  Under his tutelage (I love that word), I received invaluable training in functional medicine, nutrigenomics, and the wide range of diseases he treats in his clinic in Washington D.C.

I was thrilled to learn that he’ll be presenting a FREE (woohoo) webinar tomorrow evening on cancer as a metabolic disease.  The details and link for registration are below.  Hope you can join!

New Findings on Cancer: A Metabolic Disorder More than a Genetic Disease?

Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Presenter: Charles Gant, MD, PhD

Description: New information on cancer prevention and treatment has emerged which may challenge the prevailing genetic theory.  Cancer may be far more of a metabolic disorder than a genetic disease.  Learn from Dr. Gant about how you can apply these understandings in your lifestyle and healthcare choices.


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