The easiest sweet avocado breakfast recipe on National Avocado Day

Considering my last Instagram post, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with avocados.  Like, really obsessed.  So imagine the thrill of opening National Day Calendar to find that today is National Avocado Day…basically Christmas morning.  It’s a nutritionist’s dream.  Prep yourself for all the avocado content you’ll find in the online nutrition world today.  Call off work, kids.

Business first.  Why do I recommend that almost all my clients eat avocados regularly?  Let me count the ways…
  • Heart health: Yay, MUFA’s, yay!  (Monounsaturated fatty acids)
  • Weight loss: Blood-sugar & insulin stabilization, discourages abdominal fat
  • Antioxidant action: Boo, cancer, boo.
  • Vitamin content: A, E, K (fat-solubles) and B, C (water-solubles)
  • Multiple trace minerals.  Did you know that 1 avocado has as much potassium as 2 bananas?!
  • Digestive health: Yes, I’m talking about poo & bacteria.  Welcome to my world.
  • Skin, eye, hair health:  Cue cat calls.
  • Hormone balance: Depression, mood disorders, fertility

Now why do I personally looooove avocados?  Well I don’t discriminate when it comes to cravings.  Both sweet AND salty cravings are my constant companions, and avocados push my buttons in all the right ways.  When I left my parents’ home at age 14 to go off to boarding school, I was surprised to learn that most Americans eat avocados in a “salty” way…in salads, as guacamole, on sandwiches.  I was thrilled because this expanded my avocado horizon.  I come from a Filipino home where we ate avocados in “sweet” ways.
My favorite and easiest dish is one I often have for breakfast even though it’s called a dessert.  I asked my mom what the tagalog word is for this dish, and she said, “It’s basically an avocado shake, but it’s not.”  On the island my mom is from, few families could afford blenders or had access to fresh milk, so they simply scooped the avocado meat into a bowl, poured in canned evaporated milk, and sprinkled white sugar over the whole lot.  I’ve had this traditional version, and, holy guacamole, it’s delish.  But to work this into my own kitchen, I make some healthy swaps for the refined white sugar and dairy.
I know “sweet” avocado sounds strange to most Americans, but give it a shot.  Being able to use avocados with a whole new flavor palate is a GAME CHANGER.

Matamis na abocado (Avocado "dessert")
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Filipino
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 serving
This is my rendition of the Filipino avocado dessert. Traditionally, evaporated milk and white sugar are used.
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 cup nut milk
  • drizzle of maple syrup (No-sugar alternative: Stevia can just as easily be used)
  1. Cut avocado in half, and use the half without the pit. The other half can be saved for later. Keeping the pit in gives the saved half a longer life.
  2. Scoop out spoonfuls of avocado into a bowl. I use a teaspoon because I like little bite-sized pieces.
  3. Drizzle your desired amount of maple syrup over the avocado.
  4. Finish by pouring the nut milk over the dish.
  5. Optional: I like to chill my dish for about 30 minutes. Others add ice cubes. Whatever makes you purr.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 bowl Calories: 203.65 Fat: 13.5 Saturated fat: 1.68 Trans fat: 0 Carbohydrates: 21.3 Sugar: 12.4 Sodium: 187.9 Fiber: 5.4 Protein: 2.6 Cholesterol: 0
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Grocery haul: when I don’t have time to meal plan

Those of you who know me can vouch for my Type A personality; I love to meal plan, make lists, cross of completed tasks…the works. It’s not always a reasonable way to live, as I found out this week.

I often get the question, “So what do I do when I don’t have time to meal plan?” The answer is not in the Arby’s drive-through (dat beef & cheddar, doh). Just wing it. Be confident in your nutrition values. I like to shop according to these basic principals:

– Whole foods, whole foods, whole foods
– Grass-fed, free-range animal products
– Organic, natural, blah blah blah (when I can afford it)
– Relax; anything is better than fast food.

When life gets busy, just do your best. Be gentle with yourself. Trust what you’ve learned during your health journey. There will be weeks when you can be mindful of your macronutrient ratios or choose foods based on more specific nutritional goals, but if this weeks isn’t one of ’em, everything will be okay. You will surprise yourself.

I literally just purged my grocery bags onto my kitchen counter to give you a peek into my unplanned trip to the local co-op market. (Sorry for the bad pic; the lighting was so weird.)

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

Few of my faves:

Alvarado Street Bakery’s Sprouted Wheat Bagels. I tend to lean towards a low-carb diet, but I LOVE bagels. I love them so much that I know I’ll be tempted to swing by Panera during a busy week if I don’t plan ahead for my cravings.
– Avocados. I eat guac with EVERYTHING.
– Turmeric root. There are so many reasons to add turmeric to your diet. I’m upping my intake to support my memory & joint health. My favorite way: Steeping turmeric & ginger roots in water + milk + black pepper + cinnamon + vanilla extract.

How do you handle your busiest weeks?

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